Digital Safety Theater

Ah, the beacon of digital responsibility, X (once called Twitter), has gallantly stepped up to block searches for Taylor Swift. Why? Because the internet just can’t resist making AI-generated graphic fakes of the beloved pop star. So, in a bold move to “prioritize safety,” X implemented what might be the least effective digital blockade since the invention of the hashtag.

If you try searching “Taylor Swift” or “Taylor Swift AI,” you’re greeted with the ever-so-helpful “Something went wrong” message. But fear not, intrepid internet user! By simply playing a little word jumble with the search terms or adding quotation marks, you can easily bypass this formidable security measure. Because, as we all know, those extra two seconds it takes to rearrange words or type quotes are a huge deterrent!

Truly, X’s latest effort is a masterclass in superficial solutions to complex problems.