Use Tor On Your Home LAN Easily (Windows)

Craving for some privacy? Setup Tor Socks proxy for your whole home LAN in 5 easy steps for maximum browsing privacy.

1. Choose one PC on your network to serve as a proxy and download Tor’s Expert Bundle. The bundle contains just Tor and nothing else, and this is all you’ll need.

2. Install the package. Close the console window that opens and open %appdata%Tortorrc file in your favorite text editor.

3. Find the line starting with SocksListenAddress Add the following line just below it: SocksListenAddress where is your PCs LAN address (not localhost), for example:

4. Restart Tor from the Start Menu and verify it now listens on an additional IP.

5. Configure your favorite browser (Chrome) to use Socks proxy on all your LAN PCs:

Set a proxy in your Internet Explorer connection settings (this is where Chrome reads it from):

in IE open Settings–>Connections–>LAN Settings, check “Proxy server” checkbox, click on Advanced.

Uncheck “Use the same proxy…” checkbox and enter the IP of the PC your installed Tor in Socks box only:

You are done!

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