Moving personal content to personal website

As someone who has always been an active user of social media, I recently moved my personal content to my own website.

First and foremost, I wanted more control over my data and personal information. On social media platforms, we are often at the mercy of the company’s privacy policies and terms of service. By moving to my own website, I am able to have more control over how my data is used and shared.

While it’s convenient to be able to connect with others through social media platforms, it can also be limiting. By moving to my own website, I am able to share my content in a way that is not dictated by the algorithms and business models of a particular platform.

Another factor was a recent post on Hacker News “Start a Fucking Blog.” It reminded of the value and importance of having a personal space on the internet that is truly ours.

Hope that you’ll follow along, whether that be through social media, messaging apps, or directly here.